ZFG is considered the greatest Ocarina of TIme speedrunner of all time.

ZFG and Clint

Sport is defined by rivalry. Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning. Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson. Kaceytron vs. Summit1G. In the history of speedrunning, no competition has been as fierce and captivating as the battle between Clint Stevens and ZFG.

ZFG (short for ZFG1) is a legendary speedrunner from the days of old, long before Twitch or Speedruns live. It is said that ZFG was handed a VHS tape and a stopwatch while in his baby crib, marking his destiny as a legendary speedrunner. Clint, by contrast, came up in an era of memes and chat spam, a world where donation incentives and paypal subscriptions could put food in a man's belly and a roof over his head. Clint has only known pleasure and hedonism, while ZFG remembers hunger and pain. While ZFG has the edge in experience, skill, and natural talent, Clint is a natural entertainer with a plucky, can-do spirit. 

Clint and ZFG's streams are as different as night and day. ZFG, the pre-eminent technical expert and wizened greybeard, keeps chat to a tight, orderly focus. He gives no extra credit, and his midterms are said to be punishing. Clint prefers to keep chat like a constant party, a buffet of inside jokes, spam, and mod drama. ZFG busies himself with meme categories (all dungeons and all dungeon skulltulas, max child%, blindfold, one-hand, water temple only, etc), while Clint grinds away at 100% day in and day out.

Despite their heated contests, ZFG and Clint maintain a healthy respect for each other's speedrunning skill and sexual ability. However, trolls from both streams attract harsh punishment from rival mods.

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