Xenoda, also known as the Herald of the Abyss, and Song of the Seven Deaths, as well as "oni-chan!" is one of Clint's moderators.

Generally, most of Clint's mods fall into one of two categories. Many are washed-up speedrunners. They usually drop by to say "hi Clint" and then quickly vanish into the aether. While they may have impressive Smash Bros skills and obsolete records, they contribute little to the stream proper. The second are the largely female Chat Chicks who love to stir drama and sew discord by flirting, fighting, and freaking out at Clint.

Yet one man stands alone from all others. Nobody has ever been able to conclusively trace Xenoda's origin. Some say he was a product of one of Clint's demonic covenants. Others believe he is the pinnacle of android research. Regardless, he has achieved legendary fame due to his merciless, uncompromising approach to bans, timeouts, and death sentences. Xenoda stands alone against hundreds of trolls, spammers, plebs, and innocent victims and gives them all the merciless release of the next life by ending this one. A chat after Xenoda is deployed resembles the seeds of a cemetery, an amusement park of the dead and a warning to the living.

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