ClintStevens is notoriously known for liking hentai, but not just any hentai. Tentacle porn specifically. In fact, everyday after he finishes streaming, Clint masturbates to it for 2 hours straight. Once, Clints mom caught him watching it and banned him for streaming for 2 days. Remember that one time when clint said he couldn't stream because his internet was down back in November? Well, that was actually a lie to cover up what had really happened. Ever since then, Clint has taken extra care to make sure nobody catches him watching it. Because could you imagine what would happen if his sister caught him? She would probably have to take therapy for years. Actually, I'm surprised his mom was alright. But she is probably used to it because she has probably seen images like the one below before. I couldn't get a decent enough image of tentacle porn, presumably since clint has it all stored on his terabyte hard drive, so take this instead.

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