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There was a sudden knock at the door and Clint's grin doubled as he went to open the door. The second it was open he was tackled in a hug. The two of them laughed and Clint looked down at the shorter male. His deep blue eyes meeting beautiful green ones. "I'm glad to see you too." Clint said then laughed along with the mod. "Oh come on Clint. I haven't seen you for three weeks... I missed you." The lavender-colored mod pouted cutely. "I'm sorry xenoda." Clint said leaning down and kissing him softly. "But you have me for the whole weekend now. I will concentrate on you and only you." He smiled softly then lent down to kiss him again.

work in progres pls share

ADAM'S FREAKING PASTA'S (do not steal) Edit

on the night of the party, thrown by lord reynoodle, clint saw snowdrops,  and his eyes beseeched him sweet words of love and romance, snowdrops saw his eyes, and knew he was the streamer for her, clint stuttered out "mi-lady, your beauty knowns no bounds, meet me at the end of the night"..... "clint oh clint, wherefore art thou clint" clint popped up from behind the bushes and said, "snowdrops i love thee, but lord scamaz will be angered by this, all i can say is please, no copy shakespearino" 

xenoda and snowdrops found themselves alone in clint's chat... "you're here early xenoda" snowdrops said, "youve always been my favorite girl mod", xenoda let out a girlish whimper and said "you know clint is mine right?". snowdrops looked visibly flusted, and said, not if i make you mine, she grabbed her attention and Kreygasm 'd all over chat. xenoda looked visibly stunned, but shyly responded, "thanks for that, now please dont purge me bro, and no copy pasterino"

clint and xenoda find themselves together.... "wow xenoda, you are pretty cute you know.... " clint says, xenoda blushes, and stays silent, " you wanna maybe ditch this place and ill make you a mod?" xenoda coyly nods her head. once alone, she grabs clint by his deku stick and gives him gentle kiss, "i will spam chat, now can you spam my face ;) " xenoda says

this is in relation to clint caving with the snowdrops sacrifice, what a good boy:

snowdrops was but banished for a single day before she showed up in clint's twitch village. clint cried, "i didn't want to dethrone you, but cchat made me." with a hard pull on his femdom slave collar clint was put in place. "im sorry mistress snow, i will pleasure you later as you insult me, thank you mistress snow" snowdrops smiled, "thanks clint, you are such a cute baby, whos a cute little baby, now how about you never do this again" clint knew he was a goodboy now and said "yes mistress"


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