Swollen Clintoris, "Cuck" Stevens, "Chokemaster" Stevens was a moderately "successful" speedrunner of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Clont "BDSM" Steebo is the descendant of the ancient Chinese Emperor Zhu Wen, known to his friends as "Cho King" (運行殺手, literally, "the run killer").

It is commonly believed that his left testicle is miniature, this is, as this quote by Clont so elequently puts it not true. "No." - Cloot Stimpens. His left testicle does however, hang lower than the right.

As far as finance, it is suspected that Clunt Stamens makes about 3 dollars every year. This is due to his streaming career on twitch. He reportedly has a net worth of over 300 million dollars, which is suspected to pertain to the fact that Choke Stumpens still lives with his parents.

This infected clintoris is most commonly known for the time he had intercourse with a whale. Other things he releases his sexual pleasures with include:

- Cuccos

- Mipha

- Princess Atta (Bugs Life)

- Xenoda

- Videos of his 4:22:19

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