Brizomatic, popularly known as "Briz" or "Brytyny" is one of Clint's moderators. 

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While Briz maintains an obscure League of Legends stream, she is popularly known for her turbulent relationship with Clint Stevens. After Clint's immaturity and arrogance, as well as his "haunting" genital area put a quick end to their courtship, Briz resolved to haunt Clint to the end of his days. She is always on hand with a pointed barb, a witty quip, or an archived private message to wound Clint and kill his runs. Yet despite the intense acrimony, some say that some residual echo of affection remains between the two. 

Some of Briz' leaked messages follow: 

"I really would d8 you, but internet relationship stuff is pretty dicey. Also I really don't know you super good and living in your parents mansion with you would probably be weird. We could live in a shack with amazing internet i guess. But we might just be destined to be internet baes"

"You really are cute and sweet, even though you're in canada, i got a crush on you. I don't know you super well, but you're nice. I also forgive you for being salty in my last stream"

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